The shadow of the centinel david de la mano main picture


The shadow of the centinel


Second mural painted on l’avenue Léon-Blum in Saint-Nazaire, France.

This mural is located on one of the outer walls of the Beaux-Arts Nantes Saint-Nazaire. As in the other mural, the project has been curated by Itinerrance Galerie. And it has been produced by the Department of Culture of the City Hall of Saint Nazaire.
Very close to that point occurred in the so-called Operation Chariot, one of the most intrepid actions carried out by the British commands during World War II, whose purpose was to destroy the dry dock of Saint-Nazaire, held by the Germans, only capable to house inside the battleship Tirpitz.

Infinite thanks to Vicent Priou, Gina Rafaella De Fazio and of course for Mehdi Ben Cheikh for the proposal and good judgment always.

Photos of Martin Launay© – Villa Saint-Nazaire

Entire wall
The shadow of the centinel zoom details